UPDATE:  We have a volunteer, Craig Rader, that has stepped up to be our Newsletter Editor starting in July.  I will try to post a version of it here until further notice.

Rick Byrd 
CG President

5-26-20  Board Meeting 
Due to the COVID-19 Shelter in Place order and Social Distancing Guidelines, The board had a conference call and discussed the options for our upcoming car show and we are going to wait another month until we can see what the guidelines are at that time before putting down a deposit.

We discussed the monthly meetings resuming the first Tuesday in July.  Stayed tuned for location if we need to change due to facilities policies.  It was suggested it might be outside to avoid close contact   **PLEASE TAKE THE SURVEY AND LET US KNOW IF YOU WOULD BE WILLING TO COME TO THEJULY MONTHLY MEETING.**  CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE SURVEY

The Rivercats game has officially been postponed until 2021. 

Towards the end of the call, Craig Rader asked question about the expectations and responsibilities of the Newsletter Editor and agreed to try it out for a few months and possibly longer if all went well.

A Message from our Carshow Co-Director Mara Firestone

Hi Camaro Generations Members!!

We are in the initial phase of setting up our 12th annual car show! You all expressed interest in helping plan, organize and work the show this year. The show will be at Hagan Park in Rancho Cordova on September 27th.

We have several areas where we need Team Leads. As a team lead, you will be responsible for the coordination of all the things that happen in that area. We already have team leads set up for most areas but there are a few that we are looking for volunteers to fill. If you are interested, please respond to this email. The team lead positions needed are:

Parking (from the time the cars enter the park to the actual locality of where the cars will park, as well as coordinating the winners parade fall under "parking")

Club Merchandise Booth (the selling of club merchandise, t-shirts and hats, as well as show t-shirts)

Non Food Vendors (soliciting and securing the vendors who set up at the show to sell/present their goods)

If you don't want to lead, but want to be a part of a specific team, please respond to this email and let me know that as well! Also, if you have any suggestions or ideas, I'm all ears! :-)

Here are the areas that need volunteers but already have a team lead:

Registration - lead - Kema Schmidt

Communications - lead - Mara Firestone/Denise Davalos/Carl Christmore

Sponsors/Donations: Denise Davalos

Raffles & 50/50 - Lindsey and Mara Firestone

Food Vendors - Jack Meyers

Trophies: Scott Cournoyer

Judging: Chip Strnad

Let's make this the BEST show yet!

Best Regards,
Mara Firestone